Why Visormates were Made


Attention Car/Truck Owners

Why do 85% of all vehicles made in the world not have sun visors extentions/extenders
when they are coming from the factory?

Would you rather pay $195 + labor to replace your sun visors without the extensions or $17.98 for a pair of Visormates

Read what other people are saying

10/20/16 - I first purchased Visormates sun visors extenders for my car and liked them so much I purchased another set for my parent's car. These sun visor extenders are very easy to install and very effective and easy to use. Just what we needed. Pamela from Florida

9/23/16 - I work as a financial analyst and I've got to tell you that I find your company's level of diligence and integrity to be impressive in the extreme. That's a rarity in today's world. Thanks again!

9/28/15 - Visormates were exactly as described and work wonderfully! I bought these with the ProNova sun visor and now can protect my eyes from both sides of the visor and underneath when the sun is low on the horizon. The Visormates arrived much sooner than scheduled. They are very heavy-duty and the elastic straps fit my particular visors very well.

4/18/14 - I got my visor yesterday. I used it this morning and it is totally awesome. I made sure to give it a review on Amazon as soon as I got in. I gave it 5 stars but in the body of the ‘comments’ I gave it 500 stars!
Thanks Again!

3/5/13 - I have a 2013 Wrangler Unlimited and the sun visors where vastly mis-engineered. These sun visor extenders do a great job and the install can't be any easier. The seller is top notch. They emailed me to verify the vehicle and the color I needed. Very satisfied with this purchase. If you own a Wrangler buy these extenders...your eyes will thank you!
These are exactly what we needed to keep the sun out of our eyes. They do the job well. They are priced just right. I bought a set for another car, because of the customer service and quality. Thank you.
This product was perfect for me - exactly what I needed. It's simple to install and utilize, and it sure has eliminated a major safety problem I had with the sun directly in my eyes morning and evening coming and going to work. Well done
Just perfect for blocking the sun out on my vw bug, my windows are big and my visor or not...these make all the difference ..
I love my Visormates! The sun was driving me crazy and my visors did not go out far enough to block it. These made it better! I love that the company is helping out their local community. They also send you an email to confirm your car model and year. Thank you!
They work great! Since they are in place by bands, it provides the flexibility of maneuvering the shade at various angles. Good buy...

12/1/2012 - 5 Stars - Very Useful!!! Item was as described and works extremely well when the sun gets at certain levels and now I don't have to hold my hand for shade anymore!!! Seller contacted me immediately to verify my car make and model fit and color. Product arrived as promised and was nicely finished. Fit perfectly in the visors' integrated "document" holders and didn't need te supplied beige elastic straps. Extenders slide about 8" longer than visors and completely block the side window sun from my face and eyes. Excellent low price solution!"

"This is the BEST thing EVER for the car! I can finally drive to work in the morning without the sun glaring at me from over my rear-view mirror! Very easy to install and use, and I LOVE that there is no sun "gap" in the morning and I can put them up and away at night!"

"The ONLY design flaw in my vehicle is that the visors don't extend, so it's often difficult to block the sun. The Visormates corrected that issue perfectly. And the seller was very communicative and courteous. A 5-star experience all around!" ALLAN HOTLEN, Boca Raton, Fl United States

"Thank you for processing our order so quickly. We have received the visormates, and they are great.  I suffer from migraines and these will definitely make a difference for me.  Thanks again for all the help and information regarding this product.  I will make sure I tell everyone about such a neat product."    Sincerely, Marcia

"The Visormate are a Great Product! I should have bought them a long time ago!" Herbert- Mazda owner

"This product does the trick! I drive a 2009 Prius and could no longer stand the sun in my face while driving to or from work. It is a solid product, priced fairly, and it WORKS!"

"Perfect product, exactly what I was looking for, works perfectly in my Infinity G37".
Rick in Atlanta

" Just wanted to let you know that I got my order on Saturday, and used the visormates extender this morning on my way to work. Worked like a champ! You have a very nice, and cost effective product. Good job!"

Excellent product and excellent merchant. Solved my sun-in-the face problem easily.
Dan Cocozza - KBRZ Radio

Your sun visor extenders are the only ones I have found that work well, Very simple and very functional.
Bill in NJ

The visormates are for Ford's new Transit Connect Cargo Van.   Like many new vehicles, the factory visor covers about 3/4 qtrs of the side windows.  Of course, the low rising or setting sun comes right through that exposed 1/4 qtr.
Thanks for your product
Dan - Houston, Texas

"Fits my 2006 Jag!
Yours is a very simple, yet very effective product.  Best of luck as you market it to the masses."
Regards, Scott

"I know sun visors are never quite long enough when put to a side window, but the visors in my Scion XB are so grossly inadequate it is offensive (they only cover about 1/3 of the window). Visormates solved the problem, they're the perfect solution and the sun is no longer in my face. Shipping was super fast."
Date: August 25, 2009     Rated by Buyer: ericaaph

I have a 2009 toyota corolla. your product appears to have the simplicity I want with out being bulky on the visor. I am a master auto technician and understand the importance of a non-factory item that isn't likely to interfere with side airbags in event of an accident. OtherToyotas i've owned have had extenders. when you don't have them you never realized just how much the extenders help. Thanks for quick shipment.
Dale W.

2008 Altima Sun Visor EXTENSIONS??? The sun is baking the left side of my face and head. Anyone know of a quick fix invention or a place that sells them for this car???

Sun in your eyes while driving? The answer is VISORMATES

Janice Opalinski: 08/20/09: I recently purchased a 2009 Chevrolet Traverse, and I have noticed that the installed visor on the driver’s side is not long enough to block out the sun when driving parallel to it.  I am looking for something that will attach to the installed visor that allows me to extend it when needed and block out this extra 6-8”.  I cannot determine from the pictures on your website if your product will accomplish that purpose.  Do you have any additional pictures or information you can send me to show what your product does?

Prius chat: Does anyone make a sun visor extension that will slide out to make it longer
when swung to the side window.

Mini Cooper Blog: My sun visor is totally ineffective when flipped to the left.
Any suggestions? are pull-out, fold-out extensions available?

Honda owners: Do those of you with 2007's have the sliding sun visor extensions in your
Element? Mine (EX) has none. I wouldn't have even known about them except I test drove
a 2006 and thought they were a cool useful feature. I'm disappointed my car doesn't have
them. :-( I sure could've used them the last few days with the sun so low in the sky.
I looked on the Honda web site and they are supposed to come standard on the car.
Shouldn't they have been on the car from the factory?
Is it something the dealer installs?
Do you think they just missed them on my car? :confused
I know it's just a little thing but it makes a big difference to me.

Mazda club owners: I searched the forums and didn't find anything ... so hopefully this isn't an old topic. The ONLY thing I don't like about my Mazda 6 is the sun visor. Does anybody know of an extension or something that can be bought to extend the existing one? I'm ready to put a piece of cardboard in the visor 'holder' to block the sun! :swearin: Any help is greatly appreciated!

Anyone know of an alternate sun visor that has the built-in, slide-out extenders as many nowadays do? After having this on my 2000 Maxima I swore I'd never buy another car without this little feature!

diesel Stop- Anyone know of any aftermarket or OEM replacements that would have a Sun Visor
 Extension for the Ford X?

My suburban had an extension built into the visor, that you could pull out when you moved
the visor to the side. It seems like the sun always comes in at the end of the visor,
so the visor is not wide enough.

Smart car owners site - I would like to find something that either slide or flip on the tip
of the visor to make it longer. My main problem is the sun coming right at me from the side
(when driving North in the evening or South in the early morning).
The visor covers only a small portion of the side window.
I would appreciate any link to distributor of such visor extender.

GMC Fouum - I had been disappointed that the sun visor was a single piece of fabric without
 the "extension" found, for example, in a Yukon or GMC Sierra Truck.
The extension is the added "visor in a visor" that allows you to block the sun when it
shines beyond the coverage offered by the primary visor.

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